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Wenona swimmers make a splash

It takes more than a spot of wild weather to stop a Wenona Swimming Carnival. Both our Junior and Senior Swimming Carnivals were full of camaraderie and great House spirit!


The Senior School Swimming Carnival at North Ryde pool was a memorable day filled with excitement, activity and great sportsmanship. It involved outstanding swimming, awesome costumes by the Year 12s, and fantastic cheers.


Head of Sport, Mrs Osborne said, “It was impressive to see everybody giving it their all. Whether it was a championship race or a participation race, students were diving into the pool and swimming in as many races as they could to earn House points.”


Swimming Captain, Georgia (Year 12) said, “It was also outstanding to see everyone on the sidelines encouraging their friends and their Houses, with all House Captains leading the way in chants and cheers. The day wrapped up with Allard being awarded first in the House cheers and Ralston winning the 6x50m freestyle relay.”


Congratulations to the following girls on being announced as Age Champions for their respective age groups:

Saskia (Year 8) who won the Over Family Cup (Junior Champion)
Isabella (Year 9) who won the Buckley Cup (Intermediate Champion)
Lily (Year 11) who won the Bentley Cup (Senior Champion)


A special mention to Lily (Year 11), who also took out the Open Invitation 50m Freestyle and set a record of 31.91 seconds in the 17 years 50m Backstroke.
Congratulations to Hooke House on raising the trophy aloft as House Champions for the 9th year in a row! The House results are as follows:
6th – School (1151 points)
5th – Ralston (1406 points)
4th – Messiter (1657 points)
3rd – Palmer (1729 points)
2nd – Allard (1794 points)
1st – Hooke (1821 points)


Well done everyone!

The Junior School Swimming Carnival had to be relocated from North Sydney pool to the Wenona Pool due to the storm activity experienced across Sydney. But despite the last minute changes, students took everything in their stride, showing great flexibility, resilience and good humour.


Students who qualified for the fastest two heats for each of the seeded events, participated in a mini-meet involving 120 participants.

Assistant Head of Sport, Mr Bresnik said, “It was a wonderful morning of swimming where everyone showed amazing House spirit and enthusiasm.”


The following girls were awarded age champions:

• 9 years and under champion – Evita (Year 3)
• 10 years Age Champion – Ava (Year 5)
• 11 years Age Champion – Olivia Year 5)
• 12 years Age Champion – Kira (Year 6)


The Latkich Cup is awarded to the 10 Years and Under Champion, the student who received the highest amount of points. This Year’s recipient was Ava of Year 5, School House.

The Bradley Cup is awarded to the 11 Years and Over Champion, the student who received the highest amount of points. This Year’s recipient for the second year in a row was Kira of Year 6, Allard House.

The Audas Cup is awarded to the fastest 50m freestyle swimmer in the Junior School. This year’s recipient was Kira (Year 6).

Due to the weather, the timetable had to be adjusted and House Cheers were conducted in the Big Gym in front of the entire K to 6 cohort, showcasing the creative talents of every House. It was possible to earn specific awards such as ‘best lyrics’ or ‘best choreography’, however, Hooke House took out the honours of best overall performance.


The Overall House points for the 2020 Swimming carnival are as follows:

In 6th Place – Allard
In 5th Place – School
In 4th Place – Hooke
In 3rd Place – Palmer
In 2nd Place – Messiter
In 1st Place – Ralston


Mr Bresnik said, “Congratulations to all our House Captains for their hard work and enthusiasm. And in particular, a huge congratulations to Scarlett and Isabel from RALSTON House for leading so admirably throughout the day.”

Thank you to the Sport Department and all the staff, students and parents across the School who pitched in to make our Swimming Carnivals a success!