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Our wonderful parents

This week, the Wenona Parents’ Association (WPA) kicked off the first of their Welcome Lunches, with our Year 12 parents and key staff coming together at what was an incredibly enjoyable event.



The Welcome Lunch, which took place on Wednesday, was attended by members of the Wenona leadership team, including Dr Scott, Mr Staker, Mrs Kerr, Ms Swain, Ms Langford, Ms McFetridge, Mrs Brennan and Mrs Laforest. And there was also a great turnout by our Year 12 parents, some of whom are embarking on their last year at Wenona as their daughter completes her HSC year.



For parents and staff alike, it was an opportunity to catch up on summer holiday adventures, to chat, to listen and to share thoughts, ideas and concerns.

Director of Foundation and Community Engagement, Mrs Sonia Brennan and Administrative Assistant, Ms Maryanne Lang work closely with the WPA, helping them to support and organise the lunches as well as other WPA events.


Mrs Brennan said, “We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. At Wenona, we genuinely believe this to be true. We recognise that parents are an extremely important influence on their daughter’s education, which is why we focus on building strong partnerships with our families. It’s important to us that all our parents feel part of their daughter’s Wenona journey and have a fulfilling experience during their time here. The Welcome Lunches are a great opportunity for parents to forge strong relationships with other families in their daughter’s year group and to feel included and connected to the School.”

Welcome Lunches for all the year groups will continue throughout Term 1. Dates for the diary are as follows:

Year 5 Wednesday 12 February
Year 3 Tuesday 18 February
Year 4 Thursday 20 February
Year 8 Friday 21 February
Year 6 Monday 24 February
Year 10 Friday 28 February
Year 9 Tuesday 3 March
K to 2 Friday 13 March
Year 7 Monday 16 March
Year 11 Monday 23 March

“We welcome and encourage all our parents to get involved in as many WPA activities and events as they can this year,” said Mrs Brennan. “Our WPA Welcome Lunches are just one way of nurturing our Wenona spirit and sense of belonging, particularly for parents who are new to our School community. Please don’t hesitate to contact your WPA Year Representative if you have any questions regarding any WPA-related matters. Their details are listed on Portal.”


A huge thank you to the President of the WPA, Mrs Denise Harvey, and to all our parents who have offered up their home to host a lunch, for all their hard work and generosity. It definitely takes a village and we couldn’t do it without you!


If you would like more information regarding the work of the Wenona Foundation or if you have any issues, feedback or suggestions for the Community Engagement team, please contact Mrs Sonia Brennan, Director of Foundation and Community Engagement: sbrennan@wenona.nsw.edu.au.