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Kindergarten’s Inspirational Women

Ahead of International Women’s Day on Sunday, Miss Bouterakos challenged Kindergarten to think about some of the inspirational women in their lives.

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality – all heady stuff for our Kindergarten students as they start to reflect on their place in their community and the wider world.


To spark their thinking about similarities and difference, Miss Bouterakos read a book to Kindergarten about ‘Who we are’. She then showed her students a video of different female figures, from ballerinas to astronauts. She asked them to think carefully about any similarities they could see between the people on screen, as well as similarities to people in the room.

Kindergarten reflected long and hard. The figures on screen all had eyes and noses, arms and legs and probably bellybuttons too, they said. They all had their hair tied up, just like they did. Some of them even have glasses like some of us. But they thought it was a bit confusing because one of the figures was an astronaut and only boys can be astronauts.


Miss Bouterakos explained that girls can be astronauts too, which led to a wider discussion about the fact that boys can also wear earrings if they wish.
Kindergarten then recalled a special conversation they’d had recently about Wenona: that all the students that come to Wenona are girls, just like the people in the video.

Miss Bouterakos then talked to Kindergarten about the importance of International Women’s Day and that it was essentially a celebration for every student who comes to Wenona because they are all young women. Kindergarten gave a big sigh. That’s a lot of girls to celebrate they said!


Miss Bouterakos told Kindergarten about a female role model who was special to her. She was a scientist and she inspired Miss Bouterakos as she was the only girl working in a traditionally male environment.


She asked Kindergarten to think about the important girls or women, who were special role models in their lives. She had to remind them that even though their female cats and dogs were very important to them, they weren’t human beings.
Kindergarten then came up with an extensive list: mums, sisters, cousins, babysitters, swim teachers and Miss Bouterakos, of course! Quite a few students nominated their grandmothers and because there is a diversity of nationalities in the class, it was wonderful to hear the word for ‘grandmother’ in so many different languages!

Finally, Miss Bouterakos asked them to draw a picture of their special female person. And Kindergarten took lots of extra special care to produce lots of colourful drawings.


Happy International Women’s Day Wenona! And Happy International Women’s Day to all of Kindergarten’s special women role models!