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Big cheers for Year 6 Camp

Year 6 had plenty of thrills and spills at their camp at Tallong, using their thinking and communication skills to tackle whatever challenges were thrown at them.

Located about a two-hour drive from Sydney, Tallong is a village, which sits just outside the Southern Highlands region. With its beautiful scenery, Tallong was the perfect location for Year 6’s outdoor education camp, giving our students an opportunity to really step outside their comfort zones and test their mettle by trying out lots of different activities – a fact that did not go unnoticed by the Year 6 teachers, who were all really impressed with the girls’ ‘have a go’ attitudes.


Year 6 Teacher, Mr Pomfrett said, “The camp allowed the students to exercise their thinking and communication skills as they worked collaboratively in many group problem-solving challenges. The tasks set for the groups included balancing on a large see-saw, rolling a ball down moveable tracks and even making your way through the solar system. This worked in well with the ‘Approaches to Learning’ we have been developing in class through our Program of Inquiry.”

Ms Perrie said, “Camp at Tallong was three days of risk taking, teamwork and fun! The girls were open minded towards all activities and enjoyed the challenges on offer. The highlight was watching the girls push their limits and achieve their goals.”


And Ms Jackson agreed. She said, “Year 6 Camp was a fantastic experience that allowed each girl to push themselves outside their comfort zones. The camp offered a diverse range of activities and the motto ‘Challenge by Choice’ was always emphasised to ensure each girl was able to personally challenge themselves in a way that suited them. The girls also participated in activities that helped them to develop their teamwork and communication skills and it was great to watch them working so well together to solve group problems. It was also wonderful to see all the girls being risk takers and remaining open-minded enough to try new things, while offering support and encouragement to their peers along the way.”


So, what did the students themselves think about camp? Here’s what they had to say:


“Tallong was one of the best camps we’ve been on! We had awesome food, had so much fun and had tons of bonding time in which we made memories that will last forever. Firstly, the food was delicious and was cooked so well. We had pasta, schnitzel sandwiches and burritos that we learnt to make ourselves at the campsite. We also learnt to set up and pack away tents and some girls learned how to sleep through a thunderstorm! Finally, there was a broad selection of activities to participate in, such as a flying fox, a low ropes course, miniature teamwork building activities and a bush walk. Overall, Tallong was an awesome camp and we had a great time there. We will never forget it!” Bella and Maggie (6F)


“Tallong camp was truly the best camp I’ve ever been to. The food, the facilities and activities were just exceptional. The staff were also incredibly kind, and everyone was in such a good mood. If I were a principal looking for a school camp, I would pick Tallong! Probably because it’s safe and fun. Camping was just one of the awesome activities we did. We put up our own tents, cooked our own food and looked after our own stuff, but always with an adult leader supervising us (of course)! If I had to summarise it in two words, I would say Tallong is ‘unbelievably awesome!’ I just absolutely adored it and didn’t want to go home!” Nina (6F)

"Tallong was a great experience for me. Everything was phenomenal and exciting to participate in. It was the best camp I've ever been to. All the activities were super epic and entertaining. If I had to pick my favourite moment, I don't think I could decide. It was all so much fun - even the food was awesome! To sum it up, I just plain loved it!" Abi (6F)

“All the activities were so enjoyable and the 'Challenge by Choice' really made me step outside my comfort zone. It was a great camp!” Juliet (6J)


“Camp was so much fun. They looked after us really well and always made sure we were okay. They also encouraged us to try lots of different things.” Analise (6J)

“The camp tested my abilities like challenging me to conquer the Flying Fox which I didn’t think I would be able to do” - Sophie (6P)


“It was a great opportunity to have some fun outdoors with my friends.” Erica (6P)

“Year 6 camp was so much fun because I loved their motto of 'Challenge by Choice'. I learnt how to ride a bike at camp and even went down the flying fox!” Olivia (6G)



“My favourite thing about camp was being able to try new things, while doing it with my friends!” Erica (6G)

Bravo Year 6!