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Woodstock are forever blowing bubbles

Bubble b5

Years 1 and 2 had fantastic fun making 3D bubble wands this week, and it was all in the name of Science!


There's something inexplicably magical about bubbles: perfectly spherical, wonderfully transparent and naturally occurring too – think sea foam and soap lather! No wonder the bubble has inspired countless designers and artists.

Bubble b

And over the past week, it has inspired our Woodstock students too.


They were studying bubbles as part of their Science lessons, but Ms Christofa and Ms Peck were so delighted with their knowledge and enthusiasm that they decided to extend their thinking by asking them to create their own bubble wands.


To do this, they enlisted the help of Digital Learning Teacher, Mr Kolbe, who brought along a 3D printer.


The students all did a ‘see, think, wonder’ routine to work out what this interesting looking machine could be.


They finally worked out that it was a 3D printer and were eager to learn how to use it.


Mr Kolbe gave them a demonstration. They were thrilled to see some of the bubble wands he’d designed previously and couldn’t wait to create their own 3D models using Tinkercad on their iPads.


They learnt how to move around in 3D space, how to change dimensions and how to add solid shapes to their designs.


Working collaboratively in groups, they then designed their own bubble wands, making sure they had the correct measurements and that each part overlapped so it would be one piece.


They then printed out the bubble wands.

Bubble b2

And the best part of all: they then got to test them out by blowing beautiful bubbles!

Bubble b3

Bubbles, it appears, are eternally fascinating. Just ask Woodstock!

Bubble b4