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Wenona History Tour 2019


The Wenona History Tour for 2019 began in Sydney Airport on the 13 April, with 23 Senior College students and three teachers: Mr Staker, Mr Hollis and Miss Karsten. After a long flight, the group arrived in Munich for the German leg of the tour to meet our wonderful guide Ilaria. We then took part in a walking tour, visiting cultural sites of the city as well as areas associated with the rise of the Nazi Party.


Our next destination was Nuremberg, and en route, the group had a sombre experience at Dachau, learning about the terrors of the Nazi regime and the treatment of minorities and political opponents. In Nuremberg the girls had the opportunity to visit Courtroom 600, the site of the Nuremberg Trials along with the Documentation Centre and Nazi Rally Grounds.


The city of Nuremberg was beautiful and the girls explored the restored architecture in the Old Town, including a medieval castle and Gothic churches. In Berlin, our next stop, the group had a taste of the history of the city, visiting significant sites of World War II and the Cold War including the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, the Memorials to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Sinti and Roma, Homosexuals Persecuted under the Nazis and the Soviet War Memorial Tiergarten.


During our visit to Berlin, Modern History students had the opportunity to visit the Topography of Terror exhibit and the Ancient History students, the Amarna and Troy collections at the Neues Museum.


After a short flight to Naples, we arrived in Italy for the second leg of the tour.


Basing ourselves in the quiet Mediterranean town of Vico Equense in Campania, the group was able to visit sites associated with the 79AD eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, including the volcanic crater itself.



The girls explored the Naples Archaeological Museum, Oplontis, Pompeii and Herculaneum, guided by esteemed academic Dr. Joanne Berry, learning about life in the Roman Empire.


The group then moved onto Rome, where we were to stay for the last few nights, visiting the Roman Forum, the Colosseum as well as taking in the sites and sounds of the city.


Walking through Rome the girls saw the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and the Piazza Navona.



A highlight of this leg was the opportunity for the group to undertake service learning at a charity group in Ostiense on the outskirts of Rome, sorting out clothing that would be distributed to those in need in the local community.


It was wonderful to fully immerse ourselves in the history of Germany and Italy and an extremely valuable educational opportunity for all involved.


I am so grateful for going on the trip as the information I learned really linked to the syllabus and I found that my understanding of History came to life. Also learning new things within the Ancient side of History was very interesting and a unique experience
Aprille (Year 12)


The tour was an amazing experience which brought light to the context and reality of the horrific events that I have previously studied at school.
Bella (Year 11)


I thoroughly enjoyed the History Tour for not the incredible insights into critical areas of both Modern and Ancient History, but also for the opportunity to explore Europe with fantastic group of girls and teachers. I have already found that my knowledge gained can be applied to my studies of history, and am immensely grateful for the great friends I have made.
Lucinda (Year 11)


"I am immensely grateful for the indispensable skills that I gained from the History Tour. The Tour was not only filled with invaluable insights that are highly applicable to our studies of History in Stage 6, but I was privileged to have experienced it with such an incredible group of students and teachers." 
Zara (Year 11)