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Glitz and glamour of Wenonavision

Wenona vision 20198


When it comes to kitschy music contests, Wenonavision is queen of the bunch. Just ask our Languages students!


Drawing its inspiration from the glitz and glamour of the Eurovision Song Contest, Wenonavision has become the annual ‘must see’ event on the Languages Department calendar.


Wenona vision 20199


And while Wenonavision didn’t quite have a Kate Miller-Heidke equivalent (just to clarify, there was nobody swaying on a giant pole while wearing a voluminous tulle-and-crystal dress), the event was a fabulous way to showcase our students’ linguistic talent and musical ability, as well as a joyful celebration of the School’s cultural diversity.


Wenonavision kicked off to the sounds of Mr Boscheiro’s French class singing The Jungle Song.


Wenona vision 201910


Nina (Year 7) then sang the Matono song in Greek.


Wenona vision 20197


Then there was Ms Richardson’s Year 9 class singing Das Fliergelied in German.


Wenona vision 20195


Kate (Year 12), Sonia (Year 12) and Karoy (Year 9) took to the stage to sing in Chinese, followed by Mr Mikkelsen’s Year 7 class’s rendition of ‘Sorry my Chinese is not good’ in - you guessed it - Chinese!


Wenona vision 20194


Ms Furlong's Year 9 Spanish class had great fun singing their version of the Julieta Venegas song, Limon y sal.


Wenona vision 20193


Izzy and Georgia in Year 10 finished up by performing to Mi Gna in both Armenian and French.


Maddie in Year 7 said, “I enjoyed performing at Wenonavision - even if we don’t win! The best part was watching all the other performers who were all so entertaining! I think that we (Year 7 Chinese) did really well, we were all together and the energy was great! I loved watching everyone else, I had a lot of laughs and there were many claps for all the groups! I learnt that there are many people with different strengths when speaking their language even if it was not quite as good as ours! Overall, Wenonavision was an amazing experience and I can't wait to watch and perform next year.”


Wenona vision 20196


Nina in Year 7 said, “I found Wenonavision a fantastic opportunity to expose others to a different language through singing. The performances were fantastic and everyone loved them! I would like to thank the LOTE department for organising this fabulous event.”


While we wait with bated breath to find out just who will win Wenonavision 2019, it’s wonderful to reflect on the spirit of togetherness and the power of music to break down barriers between people.


Well done to all the students who took part. A huge thank you to Caley and Emma (Year 11) for doing a wonderful job as MCs. And of course, 'merci beaucoup' to our Languages Department, in particular to Ms Cremin who took a leading role in organising Wenonavision this year. 


We will announce the results on our social media accounts next week.