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Visiting Modern Art Masters

Visiting modern art 6

Our Year 11 Visual Arts students were bowled over by works from Cézanne, Matisse and Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW recently.

Visiting modern art 7

It’s not every day you get up close to one of Pablo Picasso’s original paintings. Ms Carson’s Year 11 Visual Arts class however, had an opportunity to see the Masters of modern art from the Hermitage exhibition recently. They also visited Art Express and were thrilled to see major works from some of Wenona’s 2018 HSC students. It was an inspiring day all round.

Here is what Chrissie and Gabi in Year 11 had to say:

We were lucky enough to go to the Art Gallery of NSW recently, where we looked at the Masters from the Hermitage exhibition.

Visiting modern art 3

This featured the works of many famous European artists, including Monet, Cezanne, Matisse, Kandinsky and Picasso. Many of us were experiencing seeing artworks by famous Modernist masters for the first time, and admired the skill they wielded with the paint brush and how they pushed the boundaries of painting.
We were inspired by this exhibition and can use these techniques, use of different mediums and textures and apply it to our surface work assessment, this term.

Visiting modern art 2

We also viewed Art Express, which features the Bodies of Work of the 2018 graduate students, and we were able to draw inspiration from these artworks, for our future HSC art works.

We then got the chance to explore the Art Gallery for ourselves, where we looked at the artworks of contemporary South African artist, William Kentridge, whose artworks feature charcoal based drawings on objects like newspaper and books and various animation and stop motion films.

Visiting modern art 4

Whilst admiring Australian artist Judy Watson’s work, we were able to converse with English tourists, Jane and Mandy, to explain Watson’s practice, and how she drew from her personal experiences and her Indigenous background to create visually beautiful and conceptually moving artworks.”

Visiting modern art 5

A huge thank you to Ms Carson for her photography skills!