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Spirits high at Cross Country

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On Wednesday, the Junior School Cross Country Carnival went ahead at St Leonards Park in slightly wet conditions.

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This year all of K to 6 were involved, and it was fantastic to see each and every student embrace the rain and participate with smiles on their faces.

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Our Year 3 to 6 students ran a mixture of 2km and 3km courses that challenged their fitness, required resilience to get through, and generally pushed individual limits.

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The character and enthusiasm on show was excellent to see.

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Our Kindergarten to Year 2 students were involved in a variety of running activities, such as a mini team cross country track, modified ninja warrior course and running technique relays. Judging by the efforts on show the future is looking bright for our Woodstock athletes!

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A special mention must also go to our teachers who embraced the 'Move in March' mantra! In particular, Mr Amato, Ms Cox, Ms Ridehalgh and Ms Turrall who ran the track with students multiple times.

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Championship Race Results are as follows:

Top 3

xcountry 5

9 years and under
1st Jessica - Palmer
2nd Saskia - Ralston
3rd Larissa - Ralston

xcountry 7

10 years
1st Olivia - Messiter
2nd Amelia - Palmer
3rd Lucinda - Ralston

xcountry 8

11 years
1st Imogen - Messiter
2nd Annabelle - Allard
3rd Tess - School

xcountry 16

12 years and over
1st Zara - School
2nd Charlotte - School
3rd Tully - Allard

xcountry 12

Detailed results will be posted on the Junior School Sport page this term.

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A huge thank you to our Sports Department for their hard work in organising this event!

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