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Hats off to Easter at Wenona

Woodstock easter 19 15

With the countdown to Easter on, Wenona has been finding ways to celebrate this special time of year.

Woodstock easter 19 7

On Wednesday, our Kindergarten to Year 2 students celebrated a Magical Morning of Easter.

Woodstock easter 19 b2

Woodstock easter 19 8

Woodstock easter 19 9

Parents were invited to come along and see the Easter Bonnet parade and listen to the girls perform songs, including their very own Easter version of ‘I’m a little teapot’, which they wrote the second verse themselves.

Woodstock easter 19 11

They then sat down together to enjoy some books.

Woodstock easter 19 10

And of course, later, there was an Easter egg hunt.

Woodstock easter 19 12

Our Year 7’s have also enjoyed the lead up to Easter holidays, with a delicious picnic day with their Pastoral Care Coordinators - a fantastic opportunity to relax and reflect on their first term together.

Woodstock easter 19 20

Woodstock easter 19 18

Woodstock easter 19 17

Earlier in the week at our Principal’s Assembly, we celebrated the diversity of religions and cultural practices across the School, and the different ways our students celebrate Easter with their families, even if Easter is not part of their faith.

Woodstock easter 19 13

It was fascinating to hear about different religious practices and traditions, from the exchanging of Easter eggs as a symbol of rebirth to the Greek Orthodox tradition of eating spit-roasted lamb on Easter Sunday to mark the end of Lent.


Dr Scott reminded students that the Easter break was an ideal time to stop and reflect, to remember the sacrifice that people were making for them to have a Wenona education, to redefine their directions and goals, particularly if things haven’t gone to plan during Term 1, and most importantly, to celebrate life in all its joy and complexity.

Woodstock easter 19 16

Happy Easter everyone!

Woodstock easter 19 14