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Celebrities head to Debating Camp

Debating Term 1 Week 32

All manner of celebrities turned up at Wenona’s Debating Camp, including Posh and Becks and President Putin!

Debating Term 1 Week 38

As the 2019 ISDA Debating competition gets ready to kick off, Wenona’s Debating team headed off to prep their skills for another fun-filled Wenona Debating Camp, which was held this year at the Collaroy Centre.

Debating Term 1 Week 311

Students were encouraged to think critically about different aspects to set topics and consider perspectives that varied from their own personal view. They learnt how to speak strategically, as well as the art of crafting a persuasive argument.

Debating Term 1 Week 37

But best of all, they also had lots of fun while using their creative thinking, with plenty of opportunities to dress up!

Debating Term 1 Week 36

The highlight was undoubtedly the Celebrity Heads evening organised by Year 12 students, as Charlotte in Year 8 found out.

Debating Term 1 Week 312

“My first year at Debating Camp was a great experience, and I’d love to do it again next year. We spent a total of 6 hours in Debating workshops, learning about everything from the 3 M’s (manner, matter and method), to ways to come up with points, to conducting mock debates, to the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of assertion.

Debating Term 1 Week 33

But that wasn’t all! We also had a fun night run by Year 12 students, where the theme was Celebrity Heads.

Debating Term 1 Week 35

Every girl dressed up as a celebrity and let her peers guess who they were. It was a night to remember, including a fashion parade, musical statues and charades, followed by a movie with popcorn and cookies.

Debating Term 1 Week 34

The next day included workshops and a delicious lunch break, where we all played around on the large oval outside the centre, followed by an impressive Debate between Years 11 and 12, with Year 12 pulling out the win.

Debating Term 1 Week 39

In conclusion, Debating Camp was an incredible experience where students could not only improve and hone their Debating skills, but also connect and grow stronger bonds with students from all across the year groups. I’m definitely coming again!”

Debating Term 1 Week 310

A huge thank you to Debating Coordinator, Miss Karsten for her organisation, and to Ms Carson for her help, support and photography skills!