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A great first week

Welcome Term 1 Week 116

New year. New possibilities. New adventures. New goals. Welcome to Wenona everyone!

Welcome Term 1 Week 16

Starting out at a new school can be daunting, but as Dr Scott says, you are only new for one day at Wenona, and it’s true. Throughout the week, it’s been wonderful to see our returning students, staff and parents extend such a warm welcome to all our new Wenonians, helping them to navigate their way around the School and settle in to the academic year.

Welcome Term 1 Week 15

In Woodstock, Miss Richardson’s Kindergarten class seem to be taking everything in their stride.

Welcome Term 1 Week 1c

They all enjoyed reading Mem Fox’s book, Where’s the Green Sheep?, before setting off on a treasure hunt around the School, where they discovered laminated pictures of the green sheep in all manner of places.

Welcome Term 1 Week 18

This included the “Underground” (Undercroft!), where they were delighted to find a piano. According to Miss Richardson, there are some very talented pianists in Kindy!

Welcome Term 1 Week 113

Our Kindergarten students have also been demonstrating their artistic skills. When Miss Richardson asked them to draw what they saw in their imagination, Alexandra drew a picture of herself as the Queen, and Alex drew her very own castle! Meanwhile Amelia drew a picture of herself as a vet treating animals.

Welcome Term 1 Week 114

And Camilla drew a very detailed picture of herself and her Dad at the park getting red balloons.

Welcome Term 1 Week 19

In Hooke House, our Year 5 students are enjoying the new furniture, in particular the ‘writable’ white board desks, which will help them to learn in innovative ways.

Welcome Term 1 Week 110

Administration Assistant and Teaching Assistant, Ms Grace, has been particularly impressed to see so many shiny black shoes!


Starting high school is a big step, but according to Year 7 Coordinator Ms Jalili, our Year 7 students have been friendly, efficient and embraced every opportunity.

Welcome Term 1 Week 13

They’ve even coped with swim trials on a sweltering hot day. “They are absolutely creating the right buzz. All the teachers are commenting on how great they are,” she said.

Welcome Term 1 Week 14

“They are so inclusive. It was lovely to see a new girl go up to a big group of girls and watch them welcome her in.”

It’s not just the students that are adjusting to the rhythms and routines of life at Wenona. Many new teachers and staff members have joined our community, and others have returned from maternity leave. All have been given a big welcome by existing staff and students.

Welcome Term 1 Week 115

There has also been a lot of activity on the School grounds over the break, including the creation of a new Student Office and Student Clinic at School House, including Meg, the Westie cross, who has been a huge comfort to any girls who’ve been feeling a little under the weather. A huge thank you must also go to our wonderful Maintenance staff who have been busy greening up the gardens, which create such a lovely space for our girls to work in.


It’s going to be a great year! Welcome to Wenona everyone!