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WPA Gala Party - Like totally 80s

WWPA News Term 34

The Wenona Parents’ Association (WPA) got ‘Into the Groove’ at their 80s-themed Gala Party at the Westin Hotel on Saturday night, with 520 guests and big hair, neon and mullets galore.

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Even the Ghostbusters came along!

WWPA gala Party News Term 312

The 1980s have a weirdly terrible reputation. Sandwiched between the solemn 70s and the ‘cool’ 90s, the 80s are often dismissed as the decade that fashion forgot. And yet, everyone secretly cheered when the WPA chose the 80s as the theme for their Gala Party.

WPA News Term 312

The reason is simple: the 80s were FUN!

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The decade that produced Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, The Blues Brothers and Indianna Jones, also produced Ghostbusters. And let's not forget Star Wars and Princess Leia!

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And on Saturday night, Dr Scott and her husband certainly weren’t afraid of no ghosts. They were even greeted with cries of “Who ya gonna call!” as they made their way to the venue.

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Director of Foundation, Mrs Sonia Brennan wasn't the only guest to come dressed as a Rubik’s Cube, the puzzle-like toy that took the 80s by storm. Others took their inspiration from Bon Jovi, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Olivia Newton John.

WWPA News Term 311

Of course the hair was massive. And the shoulder pads made everyone nostalgic for the days of Dallas and Dynasty.

WWPA News Term 35

Hardly surprising then, that the Best Dressed Woman Award went to Krystle Carrington (Mrs Kristen McHutchison), with Crocodile Dundee (Mr Andrew Hinchliff) taking out the Best Dressed Man.

WWPA News Term 33

All that neon and shiny lycra made for a very colourful dance floor as guests got ‘footloose’ to the band, Enter Sideways.

WWPA News Term 38

Lead singer and Wenona parent, Mrs Holly Bottomley, was fantastic. There was much hilarity when she summoned all of the George Michaels to the stage.

WWPA News Term 36

Then everyone wearing shell suits (those shiny tracksuits that we all loved in the 80s) and headbands came up to the stage, closely followed by everyone wearing fluoro. We told you the 80s were fun!

WWPA gala Party News Term 310

Of course, an event like this doesn’t happen by magic. We would like to say a huge thank you to the President of the WPA, Mrs Denise Harvey, and the WPA Gala Party Committee - Mr Ben Keeble, Mrs Rebecca Keeble, Mrs Rachel Banks, Mr David Singer, Mrs Melinda Schutte, Mrs Emily Loxton, Mrs Kirsty Kovacs, Mrs Katie Motteram, Mrs Emma Snodgrass and Mrs Krista Hatfield – for all their hard work leading up to the event, and on the night itself. Thank you also to Ms Georgie Gardner, who was a fabulous MC, to Junior School Art teacher, Miss Yvette Lewington, for generously coordinating all the artworks for auction on the night, and to all the other fantastic people who helped to make this event so successful.

Wenona is a very special place and we are so grateful to our incredible parents who are always happy to get involved and make great things happen. Thank you!