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Staff Profiles

Featured Staff - February 2017

Joseph Blackwell, TAS Teacher

Joseph Blackwell

I’ve had a keen interest in making things from an early age, no doubt as a result of seeing my father and grandfather constantly tinkering in the garage. I always wanted to know what things were made from, how they worked and why. Teaching wasn’t my first career choice, but when being a stuntman seemed a bit unrealistic I turned to the more practical option of attaining a Bachelor of Arts with joint honours in Design and Technology and Outdoor Studies.

At the completion of my studies I considered various paths before deciding that teaching was the one that would enable me to best use both parts of my degree. Recalling the teachers who had been positive influences on me in secondary school confirmed my choice and I decided to complete a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Design and Technology.

I have now been teaching for more than 12 years in the UK and here in Australia. I’ve had periods as both a classroom teacher and Head of Department and have come to realise that the thing I enjoy the most is being in the classroom. Students bring so much diversity and innovation and there is nothing like that lightbulb moment when they grasp a concept or the smile of achievement when they’ve created something special or done well in a written project or exam.

Teaching at Wenona gives me the opportunity to engage and excite the students about the constantly changing and hugely diverse world of Design and Technology. They take technological advances in their stride and I try to keep the same outlook, staying up to date with equipment, materials and innovation. I also greatly appreciate working with like-minded staff who care deeply about their roles as educators.