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Melissa Croker (Easy, 1995)

Life has definitely turned out differently to what I would have ever imagined. I have now lived on 3 continents, am married an Australian but have one English and one American son and started my own business that now employs over 250 people.
At Wenona I was lucky enough to make lifelong friends, so strong that even after 12 years living abroad they are still some of my closest friends.  It is a true privilege to attend a school like Wenona, I didn’t appreciate this at the time and suspect this only comes with age and hindsight.
My advice to students is that life is not a competition, everyone has different strengths, once you accept what yours are and work with them you will be much happier and more successful. I found Science subjects were much easier and just ‘made sense’ whereas languages and history were really hard work. I never set out to be the best at anything I do, but simply do the best I can.
I have been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 15 years now and I like to think I am making a difference by making clinical research more efficient which means more life saving and life altering drugs can make it to the patients who need them quicker.
During 2015 I was honoured with a number of awards including: Partnerships in Clinical Trials Woman of the Year, PharmaVoice Top 100 Most Inspirational People, Philadelphia Business Journal (PBJ) Top 40 leaders under 40, Mainline Today Woman of Distinction, PBJ Healthcare Innovators Individual of the Year.