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Support and Enrichment

Wenona’s specialist educators and professional services staff cater for the varying needs of our students. Under the banner of Educational Support Services (ESS), these include learning support staff, English language support, and gifted and talented extension programs. 

Our staff work closely with parents, class teachers, specialist teachers and, where appropriate, school psychologists. The guiding principle is to enable all students to achieve their potential and experience a sense of belonging and personal success.

Learning Support is provided for students with learning, communication or concentration difficulties, or for those with physical needs that require an environmental adjustment. It may be provided individually or in groups, depending on the needs of the student. 

Students needing assistance with fluency in English may join our English as Additional Language or Dialect program (formerly known as English as a Second Language). 

The Gifted and Talented program provides enrichment and extension opportunities. Students in the program are encouraged to develop their interests through activities such as Maths and Science Olympiads, Tournament of Minds, Brainwaves Club, MindQuest and pre-university courses of study. 

The Enrolments Team can answer Educational Support Services queries for those interested in joining the School. Parents of current students can access our ESS Portal page for more information and resources and class teachers and the Heads of Teaching and Learning in Junior SchoolMiddle School or Senior College can also assist.