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Ms Mirella Di Giorgio

Ms Di Giorgio is a multi-instrumentalist who has spent over 25 years teaching in single-sex boys’ schools and is excited about the challenge of teaching young women.

Head of Music2 new 

She has completed a Master’s in Educational Leadership, a Graduate Diploma in Arts Management and a Bachelor of Music in Education.

She has written educational programs for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and been a long-time HSC marker across the Music 1 and Music 2 courses.

Head of Music new

Ms Di Giorgio reflects on her impressions of Wenona thus far:

As a ‘baby’ Wenonian of only six weeks, I recall the handful of speeches I have been privileged to hear in such a short time. Every single one strikes a chord.

Dr Scott recently reminded me of the complex ecosystem of our environment here at Wenona made up of diverse seemingly unrelated components, yet everything is interconnected. Dr Scott invites us to turn the tapestry over and see its true beauty … and I do.

At the Principal’s Assembly, Year 12 student Alice Vance drew my attention to what it means to ‘own your story’. She mentioned that her reference list is filled with detailed footnotes – tributes to all the people who have shaped her journey. 

When I gaze at my own tapestry, I ponder the new threads I’m weaving at Wenona. The knots I’ve encountered and how they are shaping my story. I recall the people I have met, the strangers wearing a nametag (like me) who greet me in the carpark, the corridors or the halls, classroom, gym and even on the street at the front gate and I wonder.

I wonder if I too will add a thread to someone else’s tapestry. What colour will it be, what shape will it make and what will they see when they turn it over?

I then suddenly realise this 'baby' Wenonian has reached her six-week milestone. I label it my ‘Wenovian Conditioning’ (aka Pavlovian or classical conditioning) and now, I say the word Wenona and instantly smile.