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Year 11’s first aid training

First aid News Term 32

While staff at Wenona are required to complete first aid training, students can also make a difference in an accident or emergency situation if they’re properly trained. This term, Ms Webb and Ms Poole’s Year 11 PDHPE students acquired the skills and knowledge to provide first aid in a range of situations.

First aid News Term 34

Zali and Sophia were part of the Year 11 students who are now equipped with first aid knowledge and tools if needed, whether at home, at school or on the sporting field. Here’s what they had to say about the course: 

First aid News Term 33

“As a requirement for Year 11 PDHPE, students are required to do a first aid course. This year Mr Norm Spalding trained our cohort. He is now retired, but was the New South Wales Ambulance Chief Inspector up until last year. He provided us with knowledge of how to cope with first aid situations, and with his extensive experience as a paramedic, helped us understand what real life situations would look like.

First aid1 News Term 3

“Not only did we learn a lot but we also had a very fun day with our PDHPE cohort. Our favourite part of the day was listening to Norm’s first hand experiences, as well as putting our knowledge into practice scenarios. Leaving the day we felt confident in our abilities if we ever had to face a first aid situation whether it be a hypoglycemic attack or a stroke.”

First aid News Term 36

Knowing how to respond or assist in an emergency has boosted our students’ confidence, and learning first-aid techniques will hopefully help them not to panic under pressure if an emergency situation ever arises. Well done girls!