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Year 10 tackle real data at Quantium

Maths1 Yr 11  News Term 39

They’re living in the age of Big Data, so our Year 10 students were thrilled to visit Quantium last week to learn how it combines the best of human and artificial intelligence to power possibilities for individuals, organisations and society.

Maths1 Yr 11  News Term 37

When the first transatlantic telegram travelled from Britain to the United States 160 years ago, it was 21 words long and took 17 hours to reach its destination. Today, according to the MicKinsey Global Institute, the equivalent of 13 million copies of the complete works of Shakespeare criss-cross the world every second! Data has become the lifeblood of global capitalism, so it’s important that our students understand its relevance in the world of work.

Maths1 Yr 11  News Term 36

Lucinda and Lucinda, both in Year 10, were part of a group of Wenona Maths students who headed off to Quantium’s head office in Sydney’s Chifley Square last week, to learn more about how it harnesses data in its work.

Maths1 Yr 11  News Term 32

“Last Friday, the 7th of September, 10MAT1, Ms Tsikrikas, Ms McFetridge and Ms Davis were all lucky enough to be able to visit Quantium Data. This was an incredible privilege as Quantium is a leader in the data analytics industry and the excursion coincided with our studying of data in the curriculum. 

Maths1 Yr 11  News Term 33

Upon arrival, we heard from Emma, a data consultant at Quantium. She shared insight into what data analytics involves, the presence of Maths and the application of data to real-life scenarios.

Maths1 Yr 11  News Term 38

We spent the majority of our time at Quantium working in groups on a problem-solving activity that Quantium had prepared for us, regarding healthcare premiums. This activity exposed our class to the world of statistics and its relevance in society. The record at Quantium was 25 applications of the data to society, which epitomises the pertinence of data in solving societal issues. The next activity focused on analysing data, exposing us to some real life problems Quantium has to solve. We worked in pairs on this activity and had an incredible time problem solving all afternoon at Quantium.

Maths1 Yr 11  News Term 34

Overall, we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as not only was it an incredibly enriching excursion for our data topic, giving dimension to the topic, but it also was incredibly insightful to learn of the abundance of opportunities for jobs in Maths that encompass creativity and problem solving. We were all incredibly appreciative of the work put in by Quantium and our teachers in putting together such an enjoyable and insightful excursion.”

Maths1 Yr 11  News Term 35

Thank you for this incredible opportunity Quantium!