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Vale Class of 2018


It has been a long week of celebration and goodbyes as we bid the Class of 2018 a very fond farewell.

YR12 Farewell 2018 News Term 3 9

It began on Monday, with the Wenona Alumnae Association’s lunch, attended by students, their teachers, and alumnae Year 12 mums. As alumnae representative, Emily proudly cut the cake.

YR12 Farewell 2018 News Term 3 11

Our Year 12 boarders and their families then came together on Monday night, for a very special Farewell Dinner, with some of the senior leadership team, teachers and boarding staff.


On Tuesday morning, Year 12 and their families attended a beautiful Valedictory Service at St Thomas’ Church.


They then congregated outside for the traditional tossing of the school hat photo, before posing for photographs with their families and heading off for a Valedictory Morning Tea.


It was then time to head back to the Big Gym for their Prize-giving Assembly, along with the Chair of the Board, Mr Gary Turner.


Head Prefect 2017-2018, Nina, spoke about her year group’s humour, passion and above all, their resilience.

YR12 Farewell 2018 News Term 3 6

“Girls, I cannot explain the impact each of you have had on who I am, and this is an absolute testament to your own strength. If you have taught me anything, it is to persevere and keep your head held high even when it feels like everything is falling apart. You have taught me it is so much more important to be kind to others than anything else. You have taught me to have fun in absolutely any situation.


The way you each take care of your friends is just another testament to the incredible people you each are. You know how to pick people up when they are down, how to make someone smile even when things aren’t going your way. Even if it’s just a panicked cry at the library, there is always someone who will crack a really poor joke and try make it better.

YR12 Farewell 2018 News Term 3 10

Class of 2018, I have been so beyond lucky to have had a year group like you. I cannot wait to see what you achieve out there, so go spread your wings. And when you need it, remember that as always, there are 115 girls sitting next to you who will be around.”

 wen_0878 wen_0842 wen_0846

Annie entertained the audience with her witty ode to her classmates.

“You’re overwhelmingly gifted and outrageously witty,
You’re loud, unapologetic but most of all kind.
Dare to stop you, those fools I don’t pity,
Us Wenona girls cannot be confined.
I’ve seen you offer your shoulders to raise up a friend,
These are the girls to the world you now send.
So, if this is an ode to the girls who stepped through those gates,
Who, without these incredible teachers, might still all be dumb,
My comrades, my sisters, my team, my mates,
This is an ode to the women whom you’ve become.”


As is now tradition, Head of Senior College, Mrs Sue Kerr gave a hilarious recount of Year 12’s time at Wenona, capturing some of the particularly funny moments that they have shared with each other and their teachers.


From pranks, mishaps, accidents and adventures, she delighted the audience with stories about each student during her time at Wenona.


“These stories, are part of your memories and they have played a part in influencing and shaping the character of the young woman sitting here today. Reflecting on the prefect motto, ‘Dive in’, and using the analogy of a day at the beach, your story is full of many memorable moments…You are here, you are ready to start a new adventure. So now it is time on behalf of Dr Scott and the staff and students of Wenona to wish every one of you a blessing of love and friendship and that whatever you do in your lives you have a sense of fulfilment. Class of 2018 goodbye and take care!”

YR12 Farewell 2018 News Term 3 8

In her final speech to Year 12, Dr Scott told the Class of 2018 not to hold back because the world needs strong and courageous women like them who will speak up for what they believe in and will speak for those that can’t. She reminded them that the School is always here for them should they need it, and that we wish them a life of laughter and joy!

YR12 Farewell 2018 News Term 3 5

The celebrations ended on Wednesday evening, with a spectacular dinner at Doltone House.


Vale Class of 2018. We will miss you, but we know that you will be amazing at whatever you choose to do in life.


Many thanks to Year 12 Coordinator, Ms Sarah Howe, who along with Head of Senior College Mrs Sue Kerr, has played a huge part in the Valedictory celebrations for Year 12. And a huge thank you must also go to Miss Jessica Lehane, Mrs Vicky LaForest, and to all the other Wenona staff, alumnae and families who pitched in to make Year 12’s Valedictory week so special!