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And the winner is…

Swim News T1 W428


The Wenona Swimming Carnivals are always a riot of colour, camaraderie and great sportsmanship, with our students and staff, wearing their House colours with pride.


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 Our Year 12 students embraced the long-standing tradition of dressing up for the event, using their creativity to come up with some incredibly imaginative costumes to fit the different House themes.


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For Allard it was ‘In the Wild’, Hooke was ‘H20’, Messiter was a spy theme with ‘Mission Messiter’, Palmer was ‘Power’, Ralston was ‘Rodeo’ and School was ‘Red Romance’.

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The day began with a parent attempting to extricate two jellyfish from her car to the amusement of bystanders. As the students waited for buses to arrive, Walker Street was lined with horses, deep-sea divers, prawns, cowboys and commandos.


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With such stiff competition for best dressed, the stakes were high. But there can be only winner and the 2018 Winner of Costumes is….Allard! They were closely followed by School, Hooke, Ralston, Palmer and Messiter. Congratulations to all the students – and staff -  for putting in so much effort.


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House spirit continued in the pool at North Ryde, with some incredible swimming and equally impressive support from the sidelines. The chants and cheers spurred competitors on to great success.

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Eleni won the record for Opens 50m Backstroke with a time of 34.52 seconds. Emily won the record for 17 Years 50m Backstroke with a time of 34.22 seconds. Lily won the record for 15 Years 50m Backstroke with a time of 32.64 seconds and the 15 Years 50m Butterfly with a time of 30.62 seconds, and Alice won the record for 14 Years 50m Breaststroke with a time of 37.38 seconds. Isabella was announced as the Junior Age Champion, Lily was announced as the Intermediate Age Champion and Eleni was announced as the Senior Age Champion.


Swim News T1 W423

There were so many incredible achievements in the pool on the day, and we would like to congratulate all the competitors for their efforts. Again the competition between Houses was intense, but the winner of the 2018 Swimming Carnival is….Hooke, followed by Messiter, Allard, Palmer, Ralston and School.


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A huge thank you to our Student Tech Team for taking over Facebook and providing live coverage of the event as it unfolded. It was also fantastic to see so many of our staff and students embrace sustainability, bringing Keep Cups and water bottles to minimise waste.


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For the very first time, the Junior School Swimming Carnival was held at the North Sydney Olympic Pool. With its stunning Harbour views, it proved to be a popular choice with parents, students and staff alike.


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It was fantastic to see our Year 3 to 6 students embracing House spirit, with lots of examples of teamwork, cooperation and support for others. It was a fantastic day both in and out of the pool. Well done everyone!


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Official results for the Junior School Swimming Carnival will be announced at an upcoming Assembly. Watch this space!