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The Cadets Story

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About the Cadets at Wenona Program

For the first time in history, Wenona has expanded its co-curricular program to include cadets. Throughout the program, students will develop their confidence, explore their full potential and learn a range of new skills including leadership and team building. 

The Cadet program seeks to support Wenona’s Renaissance Woman Framework, which encourages students to become confident, resilient and graceful women, whilst developing their sense of adventure, leadership, responsibility, lateral thinking and teamwork skills.

Students of Year 9 and 10 are in the Wenona Platoon of the Shore Cadet Unit and meet every Monday at Shore School, to undertake training for outdoor experiences, ceremonial activities and development of leadership skills.

Follow this space to see our cadets progress through the program week by week.



Week 3

Today was the first day our cadets arrived at school wearing their full Army Cadet uniform.

At lunchtime they learnt about the Australian Army Cadet Code of Conduct, how to wear their uniform and what is expected of them as a Cadet.

Week 3 lunchtime lesson

After school, together in camouflage, they moved to Shore where they learnt drill, such as marching, halt, wheel and salute.

Week 3 line up


Week 2

Into the second week of the program the students were issued their individual uniforms and equipment. Other members of the Shore Cadet Unit were on hand to help and explain the uses of equipment.

Week 2 line up


Wearing the uniform


Week 1

At the end of the School day, our girls and the cadet staff met in the Senior College courtyard and moved to Shore together. When they arrived at Shore, they were met by the Unit's OC MAJ (AAC) Hughes and 2IC CAPT (AAC) Smith, whilst familiarising themselves with the surrounds.

Cadets Week 1