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Wenona’s debaters win Archdale competition

07 Sep 2016

Wenona’s 8A debating team won the Archdale grand finals against SCEGGS on Tuesday 6 September, 2016.

Debating affirmative on the topic ‘we should teach Indigenous Australians in their native language’, Lucinda delivered a methodical seamless argument as first speaker.

She spoke about the loss of Indigenous culture in society and how language is an important step to regaining those losses.

Hayden’s speech as second speaker was eloquent and impassioned, emphasising the eurocentricity of Australian culture and the historical disadvantages caused at the hands of white Australia that need to be rectified.

Chiara drew the arguments together in a rousing summation that outlined every flaw in the opposition’s case – and after a nail biting adjudication, Wenona was declared the winner.

Team members Claudia and Natalie were also congratulated on their part in the girls’ undefeated season. 

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